I saw Suzanne with pressure in my head and believed it to be sinus problems

It’s been lifechanging.

I learn each time I come, so I can stay longer in the place where I feel more content with who I am

- Jo Jacques

I hit a big trauma pattern during our session. It was a deep journey for me. I felt reassured throughout and was given space to go where I needed, at my pace.
This was so precious, so powerful!

- Tara

As the session began I started feeling anxious with a breathlessness & anxiety in my chest. After a few minutes it subsided as Suzanne worked with it. I began to relax and experienced an opening feeling, like I was opening from the inside out. My body felt free, safe, peaceful & relaxed. Although it was subtle it was also quite profound. Many thanks Suzanne. Looking forward to another session

- Elizabeth C

Following an operation, I was left with very little strength or movement in my right wrist and shoulder. The joints were stiff and sore. After a course of massage, manipulation, exercise and craniosacral therapy with Suzanne I have recovered almost complete flexibility. I can now lift and carry significant weight and can push much better with my hand than I could previously.

- Iain Aitken

Feeling desperate, I went to Suzanne for help with my ME symptoms.

It has been a revelation to me. I have more joy and don’t worry as much.

- E. Garner

This was a new experience for me, although I'm familiar with energy practices I've never received a remote cranial before and was interested to see what, if anything I might feel. I have to say I found the whole experience quite astonishing. I felt a huge amount of energy flooding through my body. It was extraordinarily blissful and deeply healing and proof if I needed it that remote healing is an incredibly effective and powerful treatment! Thank you Suzanne. So very grateful!

- Belle

I felt stressed, grieving and my muscles were feeling tense in my neck and shoulders. Every time I leave, I feel calmer and less tense in my whole self, physically and mentally and feel a sense of lightness and wellbeing

- Anne Chapman

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