Navigating you to your inner resources

Whole body therapy that evolves from and for the unique YOU

Hello, I’m Suzanne

a craniosacral therapist, naturopath and bodyworker, with extensive knowledge and experience in supporting the body’s wisdom and natural healing mechanisms, to bring about positive change for the whole person.
Working with me combines whole body therapy with practical personalised solutions.

My Approach

Whole body therapy, evolving from and for the unique you.

Be heard and supported, while you reconnect with your natural healing mechanisms and inner resources.

Improve whole body function, mental/emotional balance and spiritual well-being.

Specialised Areas

CranioSacral Therapy

  • whole body alignment
  • release deep physical restrictions
  • transform negative patterns
  • improve whole body function

    Grief & Loss

    • bereavement or a lost part of self
    • navigating the roller coaster
    • supporting your process
    • reconnecting to life

    Life Challenges & Trauma

    • supporting where you are
    • physical & emotional needs – origins
    • transforming & releasing
    • creating a new path


    Getting Started

    T: 01234 870 236


    M: 07802 864275