Craniosacral Therapy

Upledger CranioSacral Therapy is a powerful and intelligent form of bodywork using a light touch.

It helps to release deep tensions and restrictions in the body, including mental and emotional patterns and addresses a wide range of health issues and negative patterning to facilitate and improve your whole body health.

CST works with the central nervous together with the membranes, bones and fascia that surround it. The central nervous system influences almost every function in the body and not many therapies have as much influence over the central nervous system as CranioSacral Therapy. It, therefore, has the potential to engage with every aspect of your being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


Gentle Evolving Therapy


Release Deep Tensions


Stimulate Natural Healing Processes


Improves Whole Body Health


Effective For A Wide Range of Health Issues

Free Your

Body & Spirit

What to expect from a treatment?

The first session will begin with a verbal consultation and the documentation of your medical history, followed by a complete body evaluation and treatment.

Remaining clothed, you lay down on a comfortable treatment couch. The session begins with a gentle placing of hands, touching various areas on the body to evaluate the craniosacral system.

Delicate and precise manual techniques may then be carried out anywhere from the cranium (your head) to the sacrum (the bottom part of your spine) or other areas on the body relevant to you.

How will I feel?

What you experience from a craniosacral therapy treatment is highly individual and can differ each time you have a session. Some people talk during a session but talking is not necessary. Typically people experience some of the following; feelings of warmth, a softening of the body tissues, pulsing or tingling in different areas of the body or a general sense of deep relaxation.

Before having your first CranioSacral Therapy treatment
  • Please bring information about your medical history or any medication that you may be taking.
  • Wear relaxed and comfortable clothing.
  • Try not to go to your session on an empty stomach or straight after a large meal.

We do not diagnose or fix anything. The therapist listens with their whole being and hands and invites the client and their body to guide the process.

Treatment is born out in practice and evolves during the session, it is the client’s body, including their internal world, that knows exactly what to do in order to assist what they need. This can mean that the area we treat is sometimes different from the area in which symptoms are experienced, as our bodies can be very clever in how they adapt to stresses and strains or mental, emotional patterns.

Another part of the work is Somato Emotional Release, the gentle release of any emotional component of a physical problem. This component uses open questions, dialoguing and visualisation to facilitate the process.

Clients find CranioSacral Therapy effective for a wide range of problems associated with discomfort, pain and dysfunction as well as mental and emotional patterns and processing.

This approach also appears to complement and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, so CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure.

CST is a gentle approach to whole-body alignment, mental, emotional balance and spiritual growth.

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