Holistic Edge

Holistic treatments for the ‘unique you!’

Suzanne’s holistic approach is to support the ‘unique you’, by combining body treatments with emotional and nutritional support for a truly integrative experience. Her approach utilises practical tools to assist optimal health and life balance, drawing on a range of proven techniques from, craniosacral therapy, remedial massage and acupuncture, in combination with energy work and counselling skills.

Both chronic and acute conditions can benefit from a supportive holistic approach, whilst supporting the mind and spirit of a person it can help maximize long term benefits.

A large spectrum of conditions may be helped with Suzanne’s, multi-faceted approach which seeks to address any underlying causes.

Conditions that are known to gain benefit from this type of approach include back pain, sciatica, general muscle tension, injuries, post-operative care, headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, stress, chronic fatigue and insomnia, to name but a few.

Each person can hold common dis-ease patterns of pain, beliefs and anxieties but each person is unique in their condition, and therefore supported and treated as a unique individual.

‘Holistic Edge provides techniques and therapies to smooth out life’s rough edges’