Paid By:
Organisation X X
Organisation & Employee X
Full Day (6 Hours) £280 £280 £280
Half Day(3 Hours) £180 £180 £180
Fully Qualified & Insured Therapist X X X
Tailored Treatment Package X X
Regular Visits X X
One Off Visit X
Taster Day Included X
Taster Day (Additional Charge)* X
Appointments Arranged by Organisation X X X
Appointments Arranged by Therapist X X
Promotional Templates X X
Promotional Material Included X
On-going Promotions X X
Confidential In-depth Health Screening X X
Confidential Basic Health Screening X X X
Travel expenses (within a 50 radius of Bedford) X X X
Organisation responsible for:
Providing a Key Contact within the Organisation X X X
Providing Private Treatment Space X X X
Providing Parking X X X
Promoting Service X X X
Holistic Edge responsible for:
Providing Fully Qualified & Insured Therapist(s) X X X
Regular Feedback and Updates on The Service X
Quality Control X X X
Provision of all required equipment X X X
Additional Therapist(s) Full Day, per therapist £280 £280 £280
Additional Therapist(s) Half Day, per therapist £180 £180 £180